These days everyone is talking about sustainable energy, but actions speak louder than words. Using biogas from the fermentation of organic waste, Jenbacher reciprocating engines can create heat and power as a reliable energy source to power your business today, tomorrow, and in the future.


How does it work?


The process of biogas generation is divided into three steps: Preparation of the bio-input, fermentation, and post-treatment of the residual material.

At the start, the organic material is collected in a primary pit, sterilized to remove harmful germs in case of food waste and moved to the digester. The biogas produced in the digester is collected in a gas storage tank to ensure a continuous supply of gas, independent of fluctuations in the gas production. Finally, the biogas is fed into a biogas engine. For safety reasons, the installation of a gas flare is recommended so that excess gas can be burned off in the event of excessive gas production.

Jenbacher biogas generator sets are widely used by farmers and industrial users across the globe. Onsite biogas power plants can be used by businesses to supply their own electricity and heat needs (biogas cogeneration/CHP), or biogas gensets can produce electricity for future off-take to the grid.

Tailor-made solutions for your operations:

  • The basic structure of Jenbacher biogas CHP systems includes a biogas engine unit and heat exchangers that use waste heat. A wide range of heat sources—from biogas engine cooling water and oil to an air/fuel gas mixture and exhaust gas—is configured to give each individual customer the greatest possible benefit.

  • Jenbacher CHP modules can be installed inside buildings or packaged as ready-to-use containerized biogas CHP solutions. Containerized cogeneration power plants allow our customers to start using the benefits of onsite power generation quickly. Our cogeneration plant solutions deliver flexible power generation and a high degree of reliability and availability.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly efficient for combined onsite power and heat generation with biogas (biogas CHP).
  • Ready-to-use biogas power plant solutions in containers.
  • A green waste-to-energy/waste-to-power application can decrease your business’ carbon footprint.
  • An alternative disposal of dung, liquid manure and biowaste, while simultaneously harnessing energy—a valuable substitute for conventional fuels.
  • High potential for reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Remaining substrate is used as high-quality agricultural fertilizer, characterized by its neutralized acid, higher ph-value, retained nutrients and lack of odor.


Whether your business is looking for onsite power solutions, access to electricity, decreased energy costs, or even to sell electricity back to your local grid/consumers, Jenbacher´s regional experts can advise you on which solution makes the most sense for you.

Get in touch for free consultation on the following:

  • The benefits of onsite power generation solutions for your company
  • Potential financial benefits using economic modeling
  • Consultation on the technical side of your project - fuel types, feasibility studies, equipment and balance of plant selection, and more
  • Regional incentive programs relevant to your business
  • Options to deliver your project: purchasing, financing and leasing, engaging a service provider (ESCO, BOO etc.)
  • How to meet emissions targets

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