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Jenbacher Remanufacturing Program

Innovative solutions that give your engine and parts a new life

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The Jenbacher* Remanufacturing program gives your engine and all of its parts a new, longer life, returning used components to like-new conditions. When you buy a Jenbacher Remanufactured product, you get the same OEM quality and product reliability at a fraction of the cost of a new engine or part—all with a smaller environmental impact 1.

Our Remanufacturing Process

INNIO* maintains a newly Remanufactured—not just rebuilt—attitude. In fact, INNIO’s Remanufacturing Program designs, engineers and delivers only genuine components that meet our exact standards and specifications.
With our holistic and systematic five-step Remanufacturing process, our engines and parts are carefully re-assembled and comprehensively tested before delivery. In this way, we help ensure that all parts work together in harmony for optimal system performance.

  • disassembly
    & cleaning

    Engines and parts are disassembled and cleaned by skilled personnel to eliminate and remove elements that can hide flaws.

    & cleaning
  • painting,
    packing &

    Engines and parts are painted or preserved and carefully packaged to ensure they are protected from the elements and can be installed right out of the box.

    packing &
  • innio-the-reman-process-logo
  • Inspection

    All engines and parts are carefully inspected and thoroughly tested. We use OEM dimensions and tolerances to ensure specifications are met.

  • Testing

    Every engine and part that leaves the factory has been comprehensively checked.
    Each test is recorded and stored electronically to maintain quality controls.

  • machine
    & assembly

    Skilled assemblers follow exact standards and specifications from the most current engineering drawings when remanufacturing parts. All worn parts that do not meet our strict requirements are replaced by new OEM parts.

    & assembly

Remanufacturing is the process of returning end-of-life products to the same condition as new ones. Sometimes, with the latest technology upgrades, we can even improve them!

This video explains the steps involved in our Jenbacher Remanufacturing process and provides you with insights into our advanced Remanufacturing world.

The basis of our Remanufacturing process is an exchange program in which you can receive our Remanufactured products before you give us your used components back.

Why Jenbacher Remanufacturing?

Our Remanufacturing strength:

  • 17 Logistic & Remanufacturing Centers

  • 10,000+ m2 dedicated Remanufacturing space in Jenbach, Austria

  • 500 Jenbacher engines passing our Remanufacturing & Repair process annually

More than just Remanufacturing…

With our Remanufacturing program used engines and parts are returned to like-new condition and can provide you much more…

  • Uptime

    More uptime means better production. And better production means higher profits. That’s why our OEM remanufactured products are not just rebuilt. They are carefully re-assembled and comprehensively tested before delivery.

  • Distribution

    Select from a variety of convenient distribution options for fast and easy access to our remanufactured products. They are carefully packaged to ensure they are protected from the elements and can be installed right out of the box.









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Listen to our long-term customer Martin Brinkmann, Director EnviTec Service GmbH, why he counts on our Remanufacturing Programs for servicing his Jenbacher gas engine fleet in Germany.

Our Remanufacturing program offerings

To meet your individual requirements, INNIO offers you a choice: Our Remanufacturing programs are available for your entire engine as well as for specific engine parts. We call our Remanufactured products—reUp engines and reUp spare parts.

  • reUp Engines

    The engine is the heart of your plant installation, and efficient engine performance allows you to operate with confidence. With our reUp engines portfolio, we support you to give your engine a second life.

  • reUp Spare Parts

    An engine is only as good as the parts inside it. And when your gas engine’s core parts are not in proper working order, engine efficiency declines. With our reUp spare parts portfolio, we support your successful plant operation.

1 Reducing your environmental footprint by reusing materials whenever possible


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