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Genuine Spare Parts

We know it’s critical that you keep your Jenbacher gas engines running smoothly. And as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we know your engines best.

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Combining industry know-how, innovative technology and outcome-oriented thinking, our full range of Jenbacher gas engine spare parts will help ensure your plant’s availability and productivity throughout your equipment’s lifetime. That means less unplanned downtime, greater workforce efficiency, and lower operating costs.

Our Jenbacher spare parts do more than replace. They empower.

When it comes to Jenbacher replacement parts, original components fromINNIO fit like no others. Made with the highest quality standards, our Jenbacher gas engine parts are engineeredto preserve the integrity of your engine.

In addition to spare Jenbacher parts, we offerspare parts packagesfor your next service interval. A team of spare parts specialists can determine your Jenbacher parts maintenance needs, saving you valuable time.

Contact our experts today to learn more.

Advantages of using genuine Jenbacher spare parts


  • OEM Jenbacher parts are designed to improve the entire system. Each part’s performance is dependent on the others’.
  • Only OEM parts are tested byINNIO to ensure that each component meets or exceeds our performance standards.
  • Jenbacher parts direct from the manufacturer enable accurate remote engine performancemonitoring through myPlant* Asset Performance Management.


  • From the experts who designed your OEM parts, INNIO provides lifetime support for your Jenbacher gas engine.
  • You benefit from continuous design improvements and access to the latest technology.
  • INNIO’s warranty covers all OEM parts and, subsequently, the entire engine. The use of aftermarket Jenbacher components could risk voiding INNIO's warranty.
  • Insurance coverage is ensured when OEM Jenbacher parts are used.
  • With OEM parts, you retain the residual value of your asset, and financing terms are improved.


  • Strict quality controls help ensure high standards of reliability, durability, and safety.
  • New OEM components or reUp parts are lab and field validated for optimal engine performance.

Learn more about genuine Jenbacher spare parts

Experience matters. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), INNIO manufactures spare parts that are engineered to preserve the integrity of your engine.

Cylinder Heads

Cylinder head cast material properties are of utmost importance for high reliability.INNIO castings are tested for hardness, tensile strength and volume percent of ferrite.

Jenbacher Services - Genuine Spare Parts - Cylnder Head Testing

Contact our team today to learn more about INNIO’s genuine OEM parts.

Spark Plugs

INNIOhas developed application-specific ignition voltage and spark duration to improve performance. In fact, you’ll lower your cost per operating hour with our spark plugs since they last longer than a non-OEM’s, and you’ll also have less risk of unplanned downtime or repairs.

As part of our predictive analytics solutions, remaining spark plug life prediction can be enabled via our myPlant* Asset Performance Management solution for our gas engine portfolio from 2 MW to 10 MW (Jenbacher Type 6 and Type 9 gas engines).

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Product Highlight Spark plug with broad application Spark plug for easy maintenance Spark plug with broad application Spark plug designed for special gases Spark plug with advanced design Spark plug with standard performance
Maintenance Re-gapping Re-gapping Re-gapping Re-gapping No re-gapping necessary Re-gapping
Emissions NOx <250/<500 <250/<500 <250/<500 <500 <250/<500 <250/<500
Gas Types All gases All gases All gases Special gases All gases All gases
Engine Types Type 2/3/4 Type 2/3/4 Type 2/3 & 4 Version A Type 2/3/4 Type 6/9 Type 6
Product Description
  • Standard design for reliable performance

  • Adjustable electrode gap for different applications

  • High performance for long service life

  • Advanced design for easy maintenance

  • Re-gapping tool for fast & precise electrode adjustment

  • High efficiency for long service life

  • High performance spark plug made from platinum material

  • Adjustable electrode gap for different applications

  • Proven for long service life

  • Designed for special gas applications

  • Optimized gas combustion for high efficiency and long service life

  • Robust particle resistent design

  • Advanced design for better efficiency

  • High efficiency for long service life

  • Simplified handling without re-gapping need

  • Standard design for reliable performance

  • High efficieny for lower BMP engine versions (< E versions/< 20 bar)

Jenbacher Services - Genuine Spare Parts - Spark Plug

Oil Filters

Our filters are designed for increased performance with INNIO-certified oil types according to technical instructions.

Our filters endure thousands of hours of validation under extreme conditions to help ensure high reliability. High pressure resistance and safety design prevent loose filter material, and the mash size allows increased oil flow and a high separation rate.

Jenbacher Services - Genuine Spare Parts - Oil Filter

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