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Multi-Year Agreements (MYA)

Improve your performance at lower cost. Our multi-year agreements (MYA) are tailored service agreements to complement your capabilities with maintenance coverage, performance guarantee and operation support.

  • Jenbacher Service - MYA V1

How do MYAs help my business?

  • More predictable operating costs and risk mitigation over the life of your equipment.

  • Optimum customer care through our dedicated personnel, backed by INNIO’s global Jenbacher service network and remote services.

  • All repairs made with original spare parts from INNIO’s Jenbacher gas engine division.

  • Outage schedule is aligned with your workload, while integrated planning optimizes availability of parts, material, and service technicians.

  • High performance through guaranteed availability and implementation of the latest technology.

  • Flexible scope of agreements, customized to your specific needs. 

Engine Maintenance Lifecycle

Jenbacher - MYA Engine Maintenance Lifecycle

Multi-Year Agreements

Material Stream Agreements (MSA)

With an MSA, you benefit from:

  • Favorable prices and price security for genuine Jenbacher parts for the duration of the contract.

  • The Jenbacher team takes care of planning and preferential dispatching for your spare parts needs.

  • Latest available technology parts, delivered at the time needed.

  • Exchange engines at pre-defined rates.

MSA includes:

  • Materials delivery tied to 2K, 10K, 20K, 30K intervals and spark plugs

  • Billing per actual operating hours of the engines, with minimum running hours commitment per year

  • Regular invoicing and agreed intervals

MSA does not include:

  • Lube oil, gas, or other commodities

  • Cleaning of intercoolers

  • Alternators

  • Repair of damages and unplanned maintenance

  • Unplanned maintenance or corrective parts

MSA advantages through indexing price escalation:

  • Improve performance and maintenance spend 

  • Improve financial and operational planning

  • Focus resources on core business

Contractual Service Agreements (CSA)

With a CSA, you benefit from:

  • Planned maintenance (preventative) and unplanned repairs (corrective).

  • INNIO experts cover outage planning and dispatching of field technicians and parts orders.

  • All parts are delivered with the latest technology level.

  • Fast response to technical issues via 24/7 remote diagnosis.

  • Predictive operational costs over the lifecycle via flexible CSA payment terms.

  • Performance guarantees.

  • Optional services like majors, oil management, and BOP.

  • Financing of optional performance upgrades.

CSA includes (Direct Service):

    • Preventive maintenance according to maintenance specifications

      • Genuine parts, including consumables

      • On-site labor cost & travel expenses

    • Minor overhaul (carried out on site)

    • Necessary repairs including spare parts for such repairs

    • Remote Services / Teleservice - (Remote failure analysis and support, performance analysis)

    • 24 / 7 accessibility to global Help Desk

    • Operator’s personnel training – Jenbach / On-site

Scope of Multi-Year Agreements

Jenbacher - MYA_Scope of Multi-Year Agreements V3


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